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A couple of sketches for an upcoming thing. First time I’ve ever drawn a koala. Did you know they have two thumbs? Yeah, me neither. Learning new things. Illustration is awesome!

Two thumbs!!

Comic styled koala.


Inktober….Week 0

Art, Illustration, Sketchbook

Inktober kicks off this month, & I’ve decided to take part in the challenge. Inktober was started by Jake Parker back in 2009 as a way to improve on his art skills. The rules are pretty simply, make an ink drawing daily for the month of October. Improvement by repetition. I’m participating in the “5K” version, committing to an ink drawing a week. I’m hoping that I’ll surprise myself & make the time to do more, but I wanted to commit to something & be realistic…or it would never happen. So here we go, Week 0 (zero) Inktober submission:

matt lolli illustration inktober

Inktober-Week 0


It’s been a while since I’ve drawn any type of vehicle, so I figured I’d challenge myself in two ways; Inktober drawing / vehicle drawing. Found a great photo of a rad, lifted jeep over on the Le Container blog (third one down). I particularly like how the aspects & challenges of both ideas pushed one another. Really fun to work on & exciting to to see what I’m going to do in the coming weeks!

Sketchbook Saturday…0006

Art, Sketchbook

Drew this quick sketch on a plane a few months back. Got stuck in the middle seat (which, if you’re a 6′ 6″ tall person like myself, you understand how bad it sucks) & had an odd view of the flight attendant buckled into the jump seat by the emergency exit. (I’ve never had such little leg room in an emergency row…budgets are being slashed everywhere I guess…). Figured I’d make the best of losing feeling from the knees down & got weird in the sketchbook.

Shoe sketch matt lolli stuntmunkey studios

Mutant shoes? Or new fashion statement…

Blood-Sucking Reagan

Art, Sketchbook

So I was messing around in my sketchbook a while ago. Drew this dude with a big pompadour, slapped on some vampire fangs, sat back and thought, “Holy shit. I just drew Ronald Reagan.” I’ve been practicing my digital “painting” lately, and decided to apply what I’ve learned to Ronnie here. Quick process pics here, I included the original brush & ink sketch, followed by the digitally painted final version. You can pick up prints of this guy on my Society 6 page. Hell, even if you don’t purchase a print, check out the description. Probably some of the best product-prose I’ve written yet.

Sort of getting the hang of applying color digitally. I’ve alway felt as though I’ve struggled with painting. I have to work pretty hard to be fairly mediocre. For 2015, I’m not afraid to continually fail, so long as I can gain more painting confidence and expand my skills. At the very least, arriving at mediocrity a little quicker would be nice.

I particularly enjoy how the natural tooth of the sketchbook came through to add to the distressed look of the flag behind our Teflon Prez. Ain’t no trickle-down with this dude.

Left image is the OG brush & ink sketch. Right image is the digitally painted final version.