Art, Sketchbook, WIP

A couple of sketches for an upcoming thing. First time I’ve ever drawn a koala. Did you know they have two thumbs? Yeah, me neither. Learning new things. Illustration is awesome!

Two thumbs!!

Comic styled koala.


Ghost Jammer


Back in December, I wound up on a cruise ship to hang with my girl & her family just before the holiday. I tried to draw as much as I could on that trip. Lots of times it felt quite forced. I’ve been struggling through some creative blocks as well as being easily distracted for the last few months, hence the lack of posting. I digress. On the bright side, I was able to play with filling up some pages in my sketchbook in ways that I haven’t tried before, and practiced drawing for drawing’s sake; finished, ‘perfect’ pieces be damned. (that’s what sketchbooks are for, right?)

At any rate, I managed to knock out this fun little jammer before we headed to dinner with the fam one night. Good times.

Matt Lolli Ghost Jammer

Ghost Jammer