Keep Cross Metal

Art, Design

Cyclocross season is upon us again! And so are the commissions for CX-themed work. I just put the wraps on a bit of design work for my good friends who organize the Zanconato Single-Speed CX Series here in New England. They put on a bunch of great single-speed only races that make for a great day of going fast in the dirt with you friends.

Chip asked if I’d be up for designing a race poster for the series in sorta of a ‘metal concert-poster’ theme. Cyclocross & metal? I’m in!

If you’ve never been to a CX race before, it’s worth noting that cowbells are sort of an integral part of the cross racing scene. They’re rung by spectators to encourage racers to go faster. When you’re coming around a corner & hear a group of people clanging away, it definitely makes you want to go faster (despite what your legs & body are telling you)! Lightning bolts are also know to make people faster (in case you weren’t aware). The combination of the two make for a nearly supersonic force!


Think Snow…

Art, Design, Sketchbook

Was sifting through my old digital files & stumbled upon this. Rough sketch for a friend who used to own a ski shop called Wicked Sharp up in MA. He wanted to do a run of stickers that looked like snowflakes that tied into the shop’s name. Never saw the light of day. I think they said it looked too high-class for their shop, or something like that…oh well. Definitely needed more work to make it tight, but you can see where I was going with it.