Past Mural Work

Art, Design, Illustration

I stopped through Pedal Power bike shop in Middletown a couple of weeks ago & saw the mural I painted there a bunch of years ago (the exploded diagram on the top). They’ve added to their collection of classic bicycle ephemera on the shelf just underneath it. I think they compliment each other pretty well (if I do say so myself). I projected an old exploded diagram of a Campagnolo hub I found. I couldn’t get the projector to squarely face the wall (and fill the space like I wanted), so I had to improvise. The result is slightly skewed, but it fills the wall in the way I visualized it. There’s a slight “dismorphia” to it when you see it in person, which is kind of a neat effect. To the left of this wall is another diagram, for a Campy crankset. I’ll have to dig around to see if I can find a photo of that. Maybe for a post in the future.

Campagnolo hub diagram mural.


Monkey Knife Fight

Art, Illustration

Did a fast, fun little piece for some fellow cyclists who are organizing a ride called, “Monkey Knife Fight”. It’s in its 8th iteration this year, & sounds like it’s a total blast!

Monkey Knife Fight

On a side note, this came to my attention shortly after sending off the final piece: “Drunk monkey with kitchen knife chases bar patrons.” It would seem that I’ve found my thesis statement & can finally stop watching TV.

Pin One On

Sketchbook, WIP

Here’s a bit of work-in-progress that I have sitting on my drawing table at the moment. Heavy cyclocross inspiration from this past season. Getting to go fast in the dirt and spend the day with good friends is one of my favorite things. This drawing came about from a little saying that I heard regularly repeated at while we pinned each other’s numbers. More on the story and saying when I get the hand-drawn type worked out. Stay tuned.

Matt Lolli cyclocross pins

Ink and design marker.

Days of the Undead


Reworked this little drawing I did a while ago and finally inked it all up. I was getting tired of it just sitting there. Looking at me. Wondering when I was going to make something of itself. I printed out a larger copy of the drawing, set it up on the light table and went to town with ink & a brush. Scanned it into Illustrator, vectorized it all up so I could play with size & formatting, and dumped the final bits into my Society6. If you fancy a print, shirt, throw-pillow (no, really), or some kind of cover or skin for your mobile computing device, check it out. If you’re interested in purchasing the original, please contact me. Thanks for looking.

Matt Lolli Zombie Cyclist

Zombie Hair-Net

Original is 9×12 1/8″ – ink & brush on 100% cotton Arches Aquarelle – 140lb press.