Get Caffeinated

Art, Sketchbook

There are a few things worse than bad coffee…but not many.

Bad Coffee Matt Lolli art stuntmunkey studios

Really bad coffee.


Keep Cross Metal

Art, Design

Cyclocross season is upon us again! And so are the commissions for CX-themed work. I just put the wraps on a bit of design work for my good friends who organize the Zanconato Single-Speed CX Series here in New England. They put on a bunch of great single-speed only races that make for a great day of going fast in the dirt with you friends.

Chip asked if I’d be up for designing a race poster for the series in sorta of a ‘metal concert-poster’ theme. Cyclocross & metal? I’m in!

If you’ve never been to a CX race before, it’s worth noting that cowbells are sort of an integral part of the cross racing scene. They’re rung by spectators to encourage racers to go faster. When you’re coming around a corner & hear a group of people clanging away, it definitely makes you want to go faster (despite what your legs & body are telling you)! Lightning bolts are also know to make people faster (in case you weren’t aware). The combination of the two make for a nearly supersonic force!

Dinos & Beer

Art, Illustration

Finished up a super-fun piece last week for a client just in time for cyclocross season. I really love it when client’s ideas are left-of-center or solidly odd. When I was asked to draw a T-Rex failing at hand-ups (cause, ya know, they’re T-Rex’s…with the short arms), I knew it would be a blast. I completed the project from concept to final product completely within Mangastudio. Check him out:

Pissed that he can’t share his beer with you…or drink it himself.

Pin One On

Sketchbook, WIP

Here’s a bit of work-in-progress that I have sitting on my drawing table at the moment. Heavy cyclocross inspiration from this past season. Getting to go fast in the dirt and spend the day with good friends is one of my favorite things. This drawing came about from a little saying that I heard regularly repeated at while we pinned each other’s numbers. More on the story and saying when I get the hand-drawn type worked out. Stay tuned.

Matt Lolli cyclocross pins

Ink and design marker.

Blood-Sucking Reagan

Art, Sketchbook

So I was messing around in my sketchbook a while ago. Drew this dude with a big pompadour, slapped on some vampire fangs, sat back and thought, “Holy shit. I just drew Ronald Reagan.” I’ve been practicing my digital “painting” lately, and decided to apply what I’ve learned to Ronnie here. Quick process pics here, I included the original brush & ink sketch, followed by the digitally painted final version. You can pick up prints of this guy on my Society 6 page. Hell, even if you don’t purchase a print, check out the description. Probably some of the best product-prose I’ve written yet.

Sort of getting the hang of applying color digitally. I’ve alway felt as though I’ve struggled with painting. I have to work pretty hard to be fairly mediocre. For 2015, I’m not afraid to continually fail, so long as I can gain more painting confidence and expand my skills. At the very least, arriving at mediocrity a little quicker would be nice.

I particularly enjoy how the natural tooth of the sketchbook came through to add to the distressed look of the flag behind our Teflon Prez. Ain’t no trickle-down with this dude.

Left image is the OG brush & ink sketch. Right image is the digitally painted final version.