Middletown Cycling Club

Middletown Cycling Club design

Graphic for the Middletown Cycling Club based out of Middletown, Connecticut. Client requested that the image include local elements, as well as a logo that could stand on it’s own. Skyline contains buildings from Middletown: the clock-tower, the Middlesex Corporate Center (right), the Middletown Savings Bank (left), and a stylized version of the Arrigoni Bridge that spans the CT River out of Middletown. The figure on the bicycle was designed to run as a stand-alone logo for the club as well.

Couple little fun-facts, the time on the clock tower reads 5:45. Each Monday at 6pm, the club meets for a bike shop-sponsored group ride. The maroon and gold color scheme for the type and logo are a nod to Pedal Power bike shop, as they are the primary sponsor for the club.

Design and logo used for club custom cycling jerseys.