Cap City Cyclocross – Ohio State CX Championships

I connected with Spencer and the good folks from Cap City Cyclocross in Ohio mid 2015. They needed some imagery to help promote one of their Cyclocross races, the Ohio state championships. Spencer mentioned that many of the posters that have been used to promote races in the past have all been very “formal, run-of-the-mill” in their style. He wanted to mix things up a bit & have a poster that could “mix things up”, be adventurous, & incorporate Ohio, and their slogan “No Jerks / PMA!”,  in the imagery. He requested that it be bold, black-&-white. The rest was left up to me. I believe that creativity is bred out of a certain amount of constraint, so these directives really couldn’t have been better!

All of the work was completed digitally. Midway through my process, Spencer let me know that there were shirts in the works, and that they wanted to use my imagery for them. I wound up doing two separate color versions, so they could choose from light or dark colored shirts. Merging my love for cycling (especially cyclocross) and illustration really made this project a blast to work on. I’d love to do more work like this in the future!

Matt Lolli illustration

The ‘light’ version.

Matt Lolli Illustration art

The ‘dark’ version.

matt lolli cyclocross illustration

Nice little care package from the Cap City crew.

Matt Lolli cyclocross illustration

They even had cool musette bags printed up! So rad!


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