Blood-Sucking Reagan

Art, Sketchbook

So I was messing around in my sketchbook a while ago. Drew this dude with a big pompadour, slapped on some vampire fangs, sat back and thought, “Holy shit. I just drew Ronald Reagan.” I’ve been practicing my digital “painting” lately, and decided to apply what I’ve learned to Ronnie here. Quick process pics here, I included the original brush & ink sketch, followed by the digitally painted final version. You can pick up prints of this guy on my Society 6 page. Hell, even if you don’t purchase a print, check out the description. Probably some of the best product-prose I’ve written yet.

Sort of getting the hang of applying color digitally. I’ve alway felt as though I’ve struggled with painting. I have to work pretty hard to be fairly mediocre. For 2015, I’m not afraid to continually fail, so long as I can gain more painting confidence and expand my skills. At the very least, arriving at mediocrity a little quicker would be nice.

I particularly enjoy how the natural tooth of the sketchbook came through to add to the distressed look of the flag behind our Teflon Prez. Ain’t no trickle-down with this dude.

Left image is the OG brush & ink sketch. Right image is the digitally painted final version.


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