Fat Bikes, Weasels and Going Mental

Art, Illustration

Been getting busy lately with a couple of fun pieces, so let’s get into it:

The good folks from The Ice Weasels Cometh needed some art for their upcoming race:


Thom emailed me and laid down the parameters: “…a fucking crazy weasel jumping a shark in front of castle with two turrets…It doesn’t have to be good so much as it has to be NOW … and mental…” After I sent him the prelims, he said “Bonus points for putting a light saber in the weasel’s hand, putting fat bike wheels on the shark and incorporating zip ties in somehow.” Not one to walk away from a challenge, I got to work. This was a super fun project! Definitely a blast to create.

Click for larger size.

Check out the final piece here.

I also got to do a little more work revolving around bikes. Pedal Power bike shop needed an image for their celebration of all things ‘fat-biked’ back in October: Fatober Fest! Other than needing the image needing to be fitting to the event, I was given pretty much cart-blanche to do what I felt would work best, sometimes a good thing. To me, fall means the leaves changing colors, and some of the best riding of the season. Those big, fat tires give you TONS of grip to keep you upright while you’re skidding through those leaf piles. In your neighbor’s yard. At night. In the dark. Go here for the final piece.

Click for the bigger, fatter version.


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