Brain Off Pain Off [Revisited]


It’s a little before Throwback Thursday, or Flashback Friday, or any other clever term that the kids have coined these days. I’ve got a few projects in-process at the moment that I’m not quite ready to share, so I figured I’d post up a piece that’s a bit older. Let’s go back to September of 2011. I was a selected artist for the ArtCrank show that was happening at the Interbike Tradeshow in Las Vegas that year. If you’re not a gigantic bike nerd like myself, Interbike is the US’ largest bicycle trade show. Vendors and bike shops converge in the desert to check out all the new products and talk shop.

ArtCrank is ‘A poster party for bike people’. Each art show had a bicycling-related theme that outlines the vibe of the show. Selected artists produce appox 30 prints for sale, and one artist’s proof for the show. A portion of the sale from each poster goes to a great cycling based cause. (Click ‘read more’ for images…)

The timeline for this show was interesting. I think we had approx a month to design the image, and print the posters for the show. This was shortened as the shipping scenario got frightfully complicated on ArtCrank’s end. Since I’m a glutton for punishment, I had elected to printing these posters on my own. Combine that with training for racing, working a full time job and other life requirements, and you have a terribly stressful couple of weeks to get it all done. At any rate, I got my work done, shipped my posters out within the deadline, and even got to attend the show itself. It was a very cool experience. I also learned a TON about the process. Up until this point, I had only really been versed in garment printing. Anyone who is experienced with screen printing can tell you that there are some staggering differences in the techniques and process required for pulling a good print with regard to posters & tee shirts.

I was having a hell of a time coming up with a decent image for the show. I keep working and reworking an older image/idea that I had occupying a space in my sketchbook. I just couldn’t seem to get it to work. So, in a fit of frustration, I scrapped the idea and started a new one. Inspiration hit so strongly that I finished the new image, drawing & inking, start to finish in a single night. That definitely was a big help in the entire process. I think that I finished the silk screening in the course of a single evening as well. Long hours.

The idea for the piece came from racing. I know that great athletes talk about being totally focused on the task at hand. During my races, I sometimes have other thoughts that creep into my mind as I’m trying to get things going. I collected a few here on the poster and titled it Brain Off, Pain Off. The more that I can focus on what I’m doing, the less it hurts…sometimes. Below is the final drawing, followed by the poster version. I still have a grip of these remaining if anyone is interested owning one for your home or office. Guaranteed to class up your bike shop, or mechanics bay. (They’re currently on sale). Cop one here.

Matt Lolli Illustration ArtCrank 2011

Original Inks

Matt Lolli Illustration ArtCrank poster

Final Poster


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