Of Monkeys and Ninjas


I started writing this on Friday, but got side-tracked posting it until tonight. So it goes. Here’s the original posting:

Flashback Friday seems like an appropriate time as ever to share some older work, so let’s get into it.

This was a piece that I created back in my Lithography class in college. I was experimenting with a sort of ‘visual-collage’ style. I’d simply draw items around me, some not around me, and arrange them all together on the page in a way that made sense to me. It kept drawing interesting for me, and yielded some results that I thought were particularly interesting. So, most of the items in this piece were found around the print-shop the day I was drawing on that awesome lithostone. I was also mildly obsessed with monkeys at the time, hence the ninja-cloaked monkey. Why a ninja? Who doesn’t love a good ninja? The original version of this was an edition of four, printed on Reves BFK with black ink.

Even though it was printed in a very limited edition, you can still score a print if you like. Head on over to my Society 6 and check out the options (or view the un-watermarked version). Thanks.

Matt Lolli Illustration Ninja Monkeys

Ninja monkeys rule everything around me.


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