Brain Off, Pain Off


Viva Los Vagrants. Lost Wages. The Artcrank show at Interbike in Las Vegas is now underway. It’s been killing me, but I had to hold off on showing my poster until the show was up. For those of you who’ve asked about obtaining a copy, there is a possibility. The posters are for sale at the Artcrank show. If you’re not in Vegas and not a member of the bicycle industry, your chances of being able to purchase a poster is pretty much none for the moment. However, if there are any left after the show, Artcrank will be starting to sell the left-overs on their website. I believe that they are in the process of starting up their e-commerce section. When it’s ready, I will most definitely be putting the word out. I may be doing a second run of posters as well, with some alternate color selections. I’m thinking acid greens and other toxic colors. Could be fun. I hope everyone enjoys this piece as much as I did while I was drawing it. 11×14 hand-screened, 4-color poster. The red, yellow, and orange were all done individually, by hand on each poster.

click for larger image


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