Interbike ArtCrank


I’ve been invited to create a piece for the ArtCrank show at Interbike this year in Las Vegas. ArtCrank is a “poster-party for bicycle people”. Basically, artists create bicycle-inspired work, make posters, and ArtCrank sells them at their openings. A portion of the proceeds are donated to bicycle friendly groups and charities. I’m equally stoked and terrified to be included in this show. You see, I’ve basically got two weeks to make my art, print 30 posters and ship it all out to Sin City in time for the opening. Being versed in screen printing, I definitely have a bit of an easier time…but it’s still a very short time-table. Add into the mix my work schedule, racing and a cold I just came down with this week, and you get a better picture of the clamoring fear that I feel with every day that passes. I’m excited to be part of the show, and can’t wait to see how my piece will turn out, and hope that it will go as smoothly as possible. Tune in for more…

ARTCRANK™ + A Poster Party for Bike People from ARTCRANK on Vimeo.


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