Finished Mural


Instead of sleeping in, or riding 100mi on my road bike, or playing guitar and singing poorly, I elected to use my day off to finish the mural I started at Eli Cannon’s this past Sunday. If you’re really inclined to see what it looked like before it was done, check out my previous post. (That might make you a little strange, but it’s ok. I still love you.) I gotta admit, I was a little stressed out over the facial features on this one. I can draw them, paint them, etc all on paper…with a pencil, pen or brush. But spray cans are relatively new to me. So I hyped myself up to it in the car on the ride to the bar. I convinced myself that I was going to crush it and not be afraid of it anymore. (thank big baby jebus i had one LAST ultra-thin cap left). I think I did alright. I neglected to mention that this piece was completely free-styled from start to finish. No sketches, prelims, pre-planning. I just showed up, threw on some gloves, my respirator and got to work.

The angle I shot the photos at is a little strange, but made for the best photos. Like all art, it definitely looks better in person (duh!). And it looks even better when you sit and reflect on it with a beer in hand. If anyone is interested, I’m taking on a small amount of commission work. Murals or small pieces. Hit me up. Enjoy! Comments are welcomed.

A special thank-you is due to Phil and Carrie from Eli’s for allowing me the freedom to mark up their space with my art. You guys are the best! Go visit them and have a beer or two. If you’re not friends with Eli’s on the Facebooks, you should be.

Click for the larger version!


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